Winter Storage

Printable version of the Winter storage form


or complete the online version below and send payment to RWYC.

  • ALL BOATS AND TRAILERS MUST BE TAGGED WITH AN RWYC BOAT ID LABEL. These are issued from the club office on receipt of payment. I apply to store the boat detailed below at RWYC between the 1st November 2018 and 23rd March 2019, and confirm that it will be removed not later than 23rd March 2019. I confirm that I will not carry out any major works to my boats/s while at RWYC. I understand that the boat/trailer are stored entirely at my own risk.
  • Payment to be sent to RWYC details below



RWYC Member Non Member
Tender any size up to 5. 5m OAL £103.00 £206.00
Beneteau F20, 211, 21.7 £119.00 £238.00
Cornish Shrimper £122.00 £243.00
Flying Fifteen £113.00 £226.00


Hawk 20 £111.00 £222.00
J70 £130.00 £260.00
Laser £78.00 £156.00
Laser Bahia £86.00 £171.00
Leisure 17 £97.00 £194.00
Loch Broom Post Boat £83.00 £166.00
Mirror £62.00 £124.00
SB20 £114.00 £228.00
Topper Xenon £85.00 £169.00
Wayfarer £89.00 £178.00
Westerley Nimrod £100.00 £200.00
Wildfire £96.00 £191.00
Other Classes per m OAL to the nearest cm, rounded up to the next whole pound £18.60 £37.21


RWYC reserves the right at any time to move the boat for reasonable operational reasons  to another position within the grounds without any liability for loss or damage however caused.


Use of the Club Tractor is free for boat launching and recovery to those paying winter storage fees subject to availability,  for boats with a maximum weight  not greater than a Flying 15.

The tractor may be driven by an approved RWYC Tractor driver only


RWYC members who have paid for either an on-jetty cruiser berth or at the rate for 12 months’ sailing use of the boat do not pay any additional fees for winter storage