Where we sail

Windermere is England’s largest lake, over 10 miles in length. It is divided into two basins by the shallower area around Bowness bay, which has several islands, including the largest, Belle Isle.

To the north, the lake is wide and deep, with steep wooded slopes to the west, which run as far as Wray – at this point these lessen in height and the landscape changes from closer low hills to the higher lakeland fells in the middle distance.

To the south, the lake has lower hills on both banks – in south or south-westerly winds, the southern lake is favoured, while in northerly, via east to south-easterly winds, courses tend to be set in the north lake.

In general, winds from the north or south are best. When the wind  blows from the east or west, across the lake, the wind can sometimes be unpredictable, and it is not uncommon to see big windshifts.