The Marathon

The Marathon – What’s it all about?

It occurs to us occasionally that New Members and their families may not understand all that goes on at the RWYC; we assume that by some strange process of osmosis everyone knows everything …this is not necessarily the case …… a case in point, ‘The Marathon Fun Day’.


The origins of this family social event go back into the mists of time (do ask); .. briefly, …. It was a Dinghy Open meeting, known as The Marathon which took place all day; racing took place far from the Club and Lunch/Tea would be brought out to the boats to be eaten on the water …. This has been transformed into a Family Sailing and Barbecue Event, which still involves Dinghy Sailing/Racing and still takes place far from the Club but to which all Members are invited.


In recent years we have either gone to Brathay Bay or to St. Anne’s School Harbour … the destination this year will be the Brathay harbour ..

It is hoped/assumed, that as many people as possible will sail to the destination, but both can be reached by motorboat, canoe, or any vessel; both can be reached by car/walking (just ask for directions).



The sailing will be organised by the Dinghy Fleet and consists of perhaps a couple of handicapped or pursuit races. We have had Treasure Hunt Races, Balloon Chasing Races, and once, memorably had a Two Peaks race which involved running up the Glebe and then Adelaide Hill. All Classes are invited, though we haven’t seen a 17ft boat out for a while.

It usually starts about 10.00 am from the Club with a Bay start for the Mirrors, timing will vary with wind strength and destination …. Be ready to set off at 10.00am. Sailing instructions will be handed out and/or announced on the day…Flying Fifteens may not start till about 11.00 am.

At the destination will be the Club BBQ manned by some sweating stalwarts and burgers, hot dogs, drinks, crisps, chocolate bars etc will be provided.


There will be a race back to the Club. There are points, prizes and a Cup!!

There are moorings to pick up at Brathay, and some jetty space (if it hasn’t all been taken by Motor boats), boats can be rafted up or even run ashore. If you end up on a mooring, you will be brought ashore.


There are very few spaces in the St. Anne’s harbour …(win the Race!) .. Again there are moorings and you will be collected.

So ……..what do you have to do? ……… turn up at the Club on the day to Enter, and pay (it’s always very cheap) …… sail to wherever we are going and enjoy yourselves … or ask for a lift in a motorboat, or bring your own motorboat, … or find out where we are going and make your own way there ………… there is no need to pre-book   ….

This Years Date … is … Sunday 30th August (Bank Holiday Sunday) at Brathay.


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