Forum Notes

The Forum. January 2014

While trawling idly through the Forum, with a view to deleting some of the old entries, it occurred to me that there is a lot of content which might do well to be remembered and/or acted upon. So here is a list of the items on there in chronological order. I have deleted one or two.

Turning Marks. Thanks, Tony for the GPS co-ordinates.

Frequently Asked Questions. Yes – there is a great entry by Nigel on the home page (look at the drop-down list). If you have a question, please let us know. Add your entry to the forum.

Committee Minutes. Some secretaries are very good at sending me agendas and minutes promptly, others not so good. I do try to keep them up to date. They are worth a read if you want to know what’s happening, but you have to log in to see them.

Planning Group. This is a comment on the original report published in January 2013 and still in the members section of this site. As you know we are about to start a major refurbishment, so some of these items will have to wait. I think,though, that we need to remind ourselves occasionally of the recommendations.

Who uses the forum?  We are always keen to know who uses the forum, and even the site itself. Nine people replied. If you do and haven’t said so, please do leave a message. If you use the site but not the forum, we would like to know about that too.

A Timely Reminder… This is about kill cords when using the RIBs. If you think it’s not worth bothering, just read the linked report and be horrified.

Robert’s Mirror. Robert obviously loves his Mirror and sails it often. It would be great to have an active fleet again.

Tea. What do you think? Tea upstairs after the racing was a very happy time. I miss it too.

Race Training Evening. We have an active training programme, but this extra event obviously went down a storm, and was much appreciated. Thanks to those who ran it. Let’s have more!

Saturday’s Bike Ride. This was another impromptu event which was great fun and enjoyed by all nine of us who took part. If the weather ever gets better lets do it again.

The Tractor Battery. Members of all sorts of organisations are notorious for not leaving things as they found them, or otherwise wrecking them. It’s infuriating for those who look after them. I’m afraid it’s just a matter of a little care and thought after using the item, but with the best will in the world it will go on happening.

Rules Chart. It’s a pretty picture, but how helpful it might be I am not sure. What do you think?

Winter Storage. It’s great to be able to store your boat at the club, but it’s not a commercial organisation, and you are responsible for your boat’s well-being. I’m always surprised that the smaller and more vulnerable a boat is, the less care its owners seem to take. I am amused that the big heavy boats are stored safely sheltered by the hedges while Lasers and other dinghies are left exposed on the windiest parts of the boat park, and not even tied down!

Happy Christmas. Thanks for your message, Nigel. And a happy new year to all of us. I hope Nigel’s wishes come true.

Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson. I hope this will be a great event. Please see ‘What’s New’ on the home page, and visit the website. Dinghy sailors, this means you, and keep the 21st of September free.