2021 Denis Hope Overall

Sailwave Result


Sailed: 9, Discards: 2, To count: 7, To qualify: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 18, Scoring system: Appendix A
ClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNamePYDH R1DH R2DH R3DH R4DH R5DH R6DH R7DH R8DH R9RankTotalNett
Solo5949John Richardson 11425.05.0(1.0 DNF)6.04.0(0.0 DNC)
GP1413161Robert RichardsonAlex Nield11307.09.0(0.0 DNC)7.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC2nd23.023.0
Solo5673Nigel Hutchinson 11424.07.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)3.00.0 DNC4.00.0 DNC3.03rd21.021.0
PHANTOM1455Matt Nield 10043. DNC)4.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC4th21.021.0
RS Aero 72734Malcolm Campbell 10651.0 DNF2.03.01.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC5.00.0 DNC5th12.012.0
Laser Radial122559Annie Jukes 1147(0.0 DNC)3.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC2.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC6.00.0 DNC6th11.011.0
RS Aero 52735Liz Campbell 11362.01.0 DNF1.0 DNF3.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC4.00.0 DNC7th11.011.0
Waszp2973James Neild 800(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC1.0 RET1.0 DNF0.0 DNC1.0 DNF1.0 DNF8th4.04.0
GP1413509Harry FrithGrace Gorton11308.08.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNCDNQ16.016.0
GP1413371John PawsonLisa Knaggs1130(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC2.08.00.0 DNCDNQ10.010.0
 13464Judith GoreSimon McVey1130(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC7.00.0 DNCDNQ7.07.0
RS Vareo340Peter Frith 10936.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNCDNQ6.06.0
Windermere 17'24Harry FrithIan Frith1010(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC3.03.00.0 DNCDNQ6.06.0
Laser Radial170472Jack Lawson 1142(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC5.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNCDNQ5.05.0
Solo5865A Nother 1142(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC3.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC2.0DNQ5.05.0
BlazeB1Ian Bertram 1033(0.0 DNC)4.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNCDNQ4.04.0
Solo5309Richard Standen 1142(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC2.00.0 DNC2.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNCDNQ4.04.0
Musto Skiff549Robert Richardson 849(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC1.02.00.0 DNCDNQ3.03.0