May Series

Sailwave Result


Sailed: 8, Discards: 2, To count: 6, To qualify: 1, Rating system: PY, Entries: 19, Scoring system: Appendix A
ClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNamePYRankTotalNettMay R1May R2May R3May R4May R5May R6May R7May R8
Solo5949John Richardson 11421st49.
Solo6031Nigel Hutchinson 11422nd24. DNC)(0.0 DNC) DNC1.0
Solo5899Peter Frith 11423rd22.022.0(0.0 DNC) DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC
K136Alistair Bennett 10704th21. DNC)6.01.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC
PHANTOM1455Matt Nield 10025th18.018.0(0.0 DNC) DNC)0.0 DNC2.00.0 DNC
Solo5520Mark Whitehead 11426th16.016.0(0.0 DNC)8.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC1.0 DNF0.0 DNC3.04.0
Hadron180Richard Thompson 10457th14. DNC)(0.0 DNC)7.00.0 DNC1.00.0 DNC
GP1413871Robin Rose 11388th12.012.0(0.0 DNC)12.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC
GP1414034Jonathan NagleSebastian Nagle11389th12.012.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC) DNC2.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC
Solo4445Nick Hampson 114210th11.011.0(0.0 DNC)5.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC6.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC
GP1413464Judith GoreSimon McVey113811th10.010.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC10.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC
RS 4001268Matt NieldAlex Nield94012th10.010.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC5.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC5.0
Solo5219Chris Plumb 114213th7.07.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)1.0 DNF0.0 DNC3.03.00.0 DNC0.0 DNC
Laser122080Simon Roberts 110214th6.06.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC6.0
Solo5122Ian Smith 114215th6.06.0(0.0 DNC)3.0(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC1.0 DNF0.0 DNC0.0 DNC2.0
K6164Charles Hayhurst 91616th4.04.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC) DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC
Solo4474Nigel Ryder 114217th3.03.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC3.0
RS FEVA XL6895Cook 124018th3.03.01.0 DNF2.0(0.0 DNC)(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC
RS FEVA XL4323Cook 124019th1.01.0(0.0 DNC)1.0 DNF(0.0 DNC)0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC0.0 DNC