2021 InterClub

This Series consists of 12 races over 3 weekends:

Regatta 1 – 19/20 June 2021 – Races 1 to 4

Regatta 2 – 7/8 August 2021 – Races 5 to 8

Regatta 3 – 2/3 October 2021 – Races 9 to 12

All competitors must register with the Windermere Cruising Association in order to participate and will be allocated a CYCA temporary handicap by the WCA (if the boat is not already registered and assigned a CYCA handicap, in which case that should be used).  The WCA Notice Of Race and Racing Instructions apply to these regattas and this series.  For more information, please see https://www.wcasailing.com/

RWYC InterClub Series Results

RankSail NoNameOwnerHcapR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Net Points
14254Ju JuTerry Tinn16.75(2)11(2)111111[2][1]8
2GBR124VolantePaul Helsby11.38(4)(2)21222222[1][2]15
33449Ben-O-IITed Parker20.25145333(9)(9)99[9][9]37
4132VinandrPaul Aston20.25(9)(9)45993333[9][9]39
5453HeartbeatJohn Burns20.255334(9)(9)9999[9][9]51
6370Va Va VoomTrevor Bonson20.2565(9)(9)999999[9][9]65
7128SeccoMike Hynes20.253(9)(9)9999999[9][9]66
8116Aman LaMark Hillman20.5(9)(9)69999999[9][9]69


  1. The RWYC SI apply to the scoring of the RWYC InterClub Series for the RWYC entries
  2. RWYC entries and their (lo points) scores with respect to the other the RWYC competitors are shown in the table
  3. DNC = Number of RWYC boats in the series +1 = 9 (RRS Appendix A)
  4. Discards = 2  (results in brackets (x) are discards) (RWYC SI 14.3(a))
  5. If fewer than three boats have started after 20 minutes of the start signal, then that race will
    not count (results in square brackets [x] are non counted races) (RWYC SI 10.5)
  6. The full results for InterClub 2021 can be found here:  https://www.wcasailing.com/results-2021-interclub-trophy