Press release 25/09/2018

Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Flying Fifteens to the fore in recent sailing


The Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Flying Fifteen fleet has, arguably, provided the club’s most competitive sailing of the season with several different helmsmen taking victories in the summer and autumn series of races.

Sunday brought near perfect sailing conditions in the North Lake with bright sunshine and a moderate north westerly breeze.  In the first of two races, it was Keith Jamieson helming ‘Vital Statistix’ who crossed the line in first place, with Nigel Tullett crewing.      Julian Newman continued his string of strong performances to win the second race with ‘Felix Felicis.’

Nigel Tullett, better known as the regular helmsman of ‘Niffty’, changed roles  this weekend to crew for Keith Jamieson in ‘Vital Statistix’.  A former captain of the Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Flying Fifteen fleet, Nigel described the weekend racing as “excellent” and complimented Keith on his fine performance.

The Windermere 17 foot class yachts had their final race of the season on Saturday.   Colin Bentley helming ‘Liberty’ was victorious, winning the Trapp Cup.     ‘Deva’ in the hands of Ian Frith finished in second place with Derek Long bringing ‘Mistral’ home in third place. 

In the overall standings for the season, ‘Chameleon’ in Nigel Tullett’s hands takes the honours.   Graham Murray’s ‘Fathom’ is the runner up and Colin Bentley’s ‘Liberty’ is in overall third place.  Amongst the older, classic Windermere class 17 Foot yachts, Roy Gambie’s and Nick Aubrey’s ‘Atholl’ came first and was overall in fourth place.

Despite the hurricane force winds of late, the weekend’s sailing conditions were superb and crews competing had excellent sailing see below.