Press release 23/10/2018

Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Cruisers battle fierce weekend conditions

In stark contrast to the flooded foreshore and ‘becalmed’ conditions on Windermere last weekend, this Sunday saw The Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s cruiser fleet battle fierce conditions to compete in the penultimate race of the sailing season.

Faced with constant waves and whitecaps, and a wind howling down from the north end of the lake, the cruisers stoically headed for the start of the race.   ‘Va Va Voom’, ‘Slippery When Wet’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Kontiki’ made it to the start line as conditions continued to worsen.  All boats found it very difficult to make headway against the wind.

Finally, ‘Kontiki’ (helmed and crewed by Julian and Claire Maclaine) made it to the first windward mark on the course, then successfully competed one full lap of the course to take first place in the race.  ‘Kontiki’ is a Hawk 20.

Complimenting all competitors, Kontiki’s Claire Maclaine said: “All credit to the Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s helms and crews for turning out in what can only be described as ‘wild weather’.”

Attributing their win to the decision to reduce their sail area by putting a reef in their mainsail at the start of the race, Claire added: “We were very glad we decided to put a reef in our mainsail as Kontiki’s speed upwind was still well over 5 knots even with reduced sail.”

Kontiki shown above

Other cruisers competing in the race experienced ‘knockdowns’, which happens when a boat is caught abeam by a heavy gust of wind or large wave and results in the mast going into or beneath the water.   The Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s rescue boats were kept very busy assisting helms and crews to right their craft.

The final cruiser race of the season is scheduled for next weekend and everyone hopes for kinder conditions for the big ‘crescendo’ before winter.