Press Release 11/07/2018



The Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s Nigel Tullett has chalked up four first places in superb racing and summery conditions. Sailing ‘Chameleon’ (photo below), Nigel won both Seventeen Footer races on Saturday 7th July in glorious sunshine with light westerly winds.  Hot on the heels of his success on Saturday, Nigel won both the Flying Fifteen races on Sunday 8th July in ‘Niffty’.

Coming second to ‘Chameleon’ in Saturday’s first Seventeen Foot race was ‘Falcon II’ (helmed by former Commodore Tony Rothwell), while ‘Atholl’ (under Roy Gambie) came second in the second race.

Hot on ‘Niffty’s’ heels in Sunday’s first Flying Fifteen race was ‘Funny Enuff’ (John Atkinson), while ‘Felix Felicis’ (Julian Newman) took silver spot in the second Flying Fifteen race on Sunday.

The Dinghy Handicap fleet also enjoyed excellent racing on Sunday, with the more traditional boats using their handicap advantage to good effect. Taking first place was Nigel Hutchinson in his Solo, with second place going to Julian and Claire Maclaine in their GP14. However, there was a complete reversal of fortunes in the second Dinghy Handicap race with the more modern-designed dinghies stealing a march. Steven Wilson won the second race in his Blaze, followed by Phil Hubbard in his Devoti D-One.

Meanwhile, the Richardson family still dominate the top spots in the Monday night Denis Hope Handicap series for dinghies.  Robert Richardson (son) took first place and John Richardson (father) came second, consolidating their strong positions at the top of the overall leader board.  Although Matt Nield in his Phantom came third in the race, Judith Gore has maintained her overall third place in the Denis Hope series in her GP14.