Press release 1/7/2019

Royal Windermere Yacht Club 17 Foot fleet compete in near windless conditions

The Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s ‘Windermere Class’ (17 Foot) fleet faced very little wind in their weekly race on Saturday 29th June. Racing was in doubt as the fleet headed towards the start line and the wind died completely. However, Race Officer Steve Bewsher saw the potential for very light breezes in the south lake and set a short windward leward course.  

Just as the one minute warning sounded prior to the race starting, the breeze died again!  What little breeze remained changed to a north easterly direction. The fleet drifted across the start line and sailed downwind to Cunsey. The wind filled up again and they enjoyed a beat back to Storrs.

With the breeze holding reasonably well, the fleet enjoyed a second good race in very warm conditions on Windermere.

‘Fathom’ (helmed by Graham Murray) held on to an early lead and finished first.  ‘Pilgrim’ (helmed by Dave Milburn) was in stiff competition with ‘Atholl’ (helmed by Nick Aubrey).    Pulling ahead towards the end after being neck-and-neck, ‘Pilgrim’ finished in second place with ‘Atholl’ in third.   The fourth and fifth positions were also closely fought, with ‘Snark II’ (helmed by Les Gorton) taking fourth and ‘Mistral’ (helmed by Robert Slack) in fifth place.