Press Release 28/7/2020

Royal Windermere Yacht Club open again

Royal Windermere Yacht Club has recently commenced a phased re-opening of the club for (socially distanced) socialising and sailing. Members are now back at the club and getting on to the lake, despite the poor July weather. The officers of the club have worked hard to ensure everyone is as safe as can be given the circumstances and good number of new members have joined the club in recent weeks. 

The re-opening of the club did not go unnoticed by keen sailor and secretary of Hollowell sailing club in the midlands, James Avery, as he sought to find a brief getaway to Windermere having booked a short break at The Old England Hotel in Bowness.  The primary reason for this getaway to the lakes was to find some respite from the demands of front-line working for the NHS in London.  James, a keen sailor, contacted the club to enquire about temporary memberships and sailing opportunities whilst on holiday.  The club has responded by extending a warm welcome to James, his wife Jane and their children Henry and Zara.  The Avery family has been joined by Mahesh and Sheba Chauhan and their daughters Sophia and Jasmine.

The Avery and Chauhan families visit the Royal Windermere Yacht Club

RWYC is keen to recognise the commitment shown by NHS staff and key workers and is planning a free event for them at the club at some point in the future as a thank you.  Paul Langley, the Hon Treasurer at the club commented, “clapping on a Thursday was a good but easy thing to do; doing something as a club to say thank you is a good thing.”

The Avery and Chauhan families are having a well-earned break having been on the front line of things working for the NHS in London.  Both James and Jane are Nurses, James leads on workforce, safety & Learning and Technology as a Director of Nursing.  James welcomes a break  and reports the pandemic response required a huge shift in the way teams worked; the pace and commitment to this response has been remarkable.

Henry, a keen Laser sailor and assistant instructor also joined the NHS team response after completion of A Levels this year . Henry is running a very successful Brompton folding bike scheme for NHS staff to promote exercise and prevent use of public transport.

James relocated from home in Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire to London in order to concentrate on his role and protect his family.  James contracted Covid 19 himself but suffered relatively mild symptoms and is well on his way to recovery. James’ friends and colleagues Mahesh and Sheba also work in the NHS as Consultant Oral Surgeon and Neurophysiologist

During the pandemic both families have given everything they could to protect people and work alongside colleagues to give patients the best possible treatment and care. it is only now that that are able to find some rest and relaxation in the jewel of the lakes that is RWYC.  James has asked that we pass on their sincere thank you for the welcome and opportunity to share such an excellent facility as RWYC. It is fabulous to visit a club with such a great history still at the forefront in welcome, culture and very active sailing programme for all ages. 

RWYC is delighted to be able to extend a warm welcome to our visitors.