Press release 13/6/2018

produced by Carolyn Roberson

“Fathom” wins Caprice Salver at Royal Windermere Yacht Club

“Fathom” (in the hands of Graham Murray) won the ‘Caprice Salver’ in the Royal Windermere Yacht Club’s 17 Foot Class race on Saturday 9th June 2018.   [Photo of “Fathom” accompanies this press release].

In the overall 17 Foot Class series of races this season, “Fathom” and “Chameleon” (in the hands of Nigel Tullett) continue to battle it out for top spot as keen competition continues in the weekly races.

With the glorious weather and good wind conditions over the past week, every class of yacht has been out on the water with much competition and exciting racing.

This week’s race in the  Monday night ‘Denis Hope’ handicap series saw Robert Richardson (son) take first place, with Gavin Tullett coming a close second in his Laser and John Richardson (father) taking third.  Despite Gavin Tullett’s second place result in the race, the Richardsons continue to hold first and second places in the overall series of races (both sailing RS100s), with James Nield sailing a Devoti D-One now in third place overall.

There have been three ‘Flying Fifteens’ races this week with the following results:

  • Race 1: Winner – “Funny Enuff” (John Atkinson/Elizabeth Moreton), followed in second place by “Carbon Footprint” (Phil Snewin/Ros Coleman)
  • Race 2: Winner – “Carbon Footprint” (Phil Snewin/Ros Coleman), followed “No Illusions” (John and Roseanne Walter)
  • Race 3: Winner “Funny Enuff” (John Atkinson/Elizabeth Moreton), followed by “Vital Statistix” (Keith and Sue Jamieson)

In the overall Flying Fifteen’s series of races, Nigel Tullett in “Niffty” is still in the lead, followed by “Carbon Footprint”.

In the Thursday night Dinghy handicap race this week (where each type of dinghy is given a handicap according to its size and performance levels), Robert Richardson won in his RS100, with Nigel Hutchinson in his Solo coming in second place, and John Pawson in a GP14 in third.

The cruisers had a great time on Saturday 9th June with Claire and Julian Maclaine winning in “Kontiki” (a Hawk 20), Ted Parker coming second in “Ben 0 2”, and class captain Craig Allwood third in “Slippery When Wet”.   All three finished within 3 minutes of each other!

In other news from the Royal Windermere Yacht Club, the annual “Picnic by Boat” took place on Saturday 9th June in idyllic conditions.   Members of the club took to a variety of different craft and sailed to Rawlinsons Nab, rafting up together for everyone to enjoy an evening of camaraderie and shared picnics, together with some recreational paddle-boarding to round the evening off.