RWYC 2021 VIRTUAL AGM update 14/2/2021

As part of our arrangements for this years AGM as outlined by the Commodore in a previous email, the 2021 AGM is to be held virtually and voting electronically. This will permit the club officers to continue to administer your club in an effective manner on your behalf.

The electronic voting will follow the GDPR guidelines, you will only be able to see your own choices after logging in. A final count on all decisions will be available after the closing date of the poll, this is yet to be announced. We can offer a postal option though this will delay all decisions required to be made, should you require this option then please send an email with the subject “Postal Ballot” to [email protected]

Sailing Club Manager (SCM) our club management system uses the unique email address we hold for each primary account to provide a means of contact, for the general spread of information this works. However, for the electronic voting we require a separate unique email address for all those who are entitled and wish to vote.

If we have separate emails for all individuals on your account already then thank you, however this is an opportunity to ensure we hold your current correct details on our system.
To access SCM and your profile you need to get to the Portal Login page

  1. go to the club website click on “DUTY ROSTER” on the main menu bar.
  2. this will take you to SCM
  3. You will need to login using your details these may or may not be the same as you use on the club website. If you have not received login details or have any issues at this point please email [email protected] use the subject “SCM login problem”
  4. After accessing the SCM Portal in the menu on the right hand side click on “My Profile”
  5. This page is for your personal details please make any necessary changes before continuing, go to the bottom of the page and save changes if made.
  6. At the top of the “My Profile” page you will see a list of all profiles you may change, select the relevant person and check their details.
  7. If this person is eligible to vote and wishes to do so electronically they MUST have a unique email address, if they have a current one please enter it or got to one of the many free providers and make an account. Please be aware we have had some issues with Hotmail and some Microsoft account names.
  8. Remember to save the changes.
  9. Thank you for your assistance in this matter and we look forward to your participation in the 2021 AGM

Please complete by the 21st February as further AGM information will be sent requiring attention.

Thank you
Ian Bertram
Hon Sailing Sec / Ops