Good evening
Happy New Year I thought it was time I did a little introduction; I accepted the role of Rear Commodore in November but was told I did not take on the responsibility for social events until the New Year as the outgoing Rear Commodore will already have arranged New Years Eve, so now it is January it is over to me now.
But firstly, let me tell you briefly about myself; While I do not sail regularly in one of our fleets I have been sailing on and off for over 50 years, starting in Mirrors on the River Deben moving up to Fireballs via Flying Juniors and Larks. The Fireball was at Felixstowe Ferry I still think hanging on to the trapeze with the Spinnaker up while sailing through breaking waves is one of the most exciting things I have done. I then moved up to bigger boats, and have sailed across the North Sea more times than I care to remember and have sailed in most corners of the Mediterranean.
These days I help a bit at Blackwell, enjoy the odd bit of crewing in 17`s when helms are desperate enough to ask me, but mainly drive the safely boats at least twice a week, if I am at home. I sell Chocolate as my day job, which is why some people at the club call me The Chocolate Man!

Enough about me, the Social plan for the next few months is as follows, details are on the notice board and website;
11 th January – Turnpike Roads of Westmoreland – An illustrated History

25 th January – Navigation and Seamanship – All about bigger boats by Andrew Smith

8 th of February – Sailing in the Baltic by Christine and Allan Williams

10 th /11 th February – Essential Navigation and Seamanship – 2-day RYA course

14 th of March – The Titanic

Once the sailing season starts in April , social events are built around sailing events so we have a good programme of bands and food after Pennant weekends etc lined up.
Looking further forward, what would you like for events at your club to complement the sailing, I am happy to organise anything if it is what people want and will support!
A few ideas maybe;
Jacob Joins Parties Proved popular last summer, do we do this again, perhaps with Karaoke
The Olympics – Show the sailing on the big screen in the bar so we can offer our Olympians a little advice on their tactics by shouting at the screen
More Sailing talks and events, Andrew Smith and Christine & Allan Williams have volunteered as above but have any other members been on any adventures, won world Championships or have a special subject such as the weather and would like to share their experience with their fellow
Visits – Social events do not have to be at the club, would you like us to arrange trips to maybe;
The London Boat Show / Funny Girls Cabaret in Blackpool / A Casino / Grey Hound Racing at Belle Vue /
Jazz Cruises / The Opera/ Any other suggestions

Let me know either in the Bar or via [email protected] and if sufficient demand is there, I will do my best to arrange them

Kind regards

Richard Jennings

RWYC Rear Commodore