June Newsletter

Dear Member

I hope you have been enjoying the recent spell of good weather. It has been a pleasure to sail in sunny conditions although the prevailing easterly wind direction has proved to be rather challenging. The first 17ft Race Week has been successfully completed and well done to Nigel and Gavin Tullett winning the Burchardt Cup in Chameleon with three wins and Nick Aubrey and Roy Gambie taking the Snark Pin in Atholl. Hopefully this good weather will continue into June and we can continue to enjoy some good racing in all the fleets.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Open Mic night last weekend especially the singers and guitarists who were excellent and made it a very pleasant evening.

We are currently making arrangements for the Summer Ball being held on Saturday 23rd June with entertainment being provided by DJ Travis. There are already 30 names on the list and we are hoping for another very successful evening.

Over the same weekend the club is hosting the GBR blind sailing team who will be using our facilities and training on the lake in readiness for the world championships later in the year. We are delighted to be able to help the team with their preparations and are sure we will be making the blind and partially sighted sailors and their supporters very welcome.

Also taking place during June is the “Hawkshead Walling Walk” which is being led by Graham and Marian Newman and is starting at 5pm on Tuesday 26th from Hawkshead Car Park. Please see the club notice board for further details.

Lastly, we need to find twelve golfers (eight men and four ladies) who are interested and available to play an inter club match against the Motorboat Club and the Golf Club on Thursday 30th August. The match is being played at Windermere Golf Club during the afternoon and then there is a meal in the evening which this year is being held at the Golf Club. There is a poster on the club notice board for anyone interested.

Best wishes

Planning Group

One of our suggestions was to trial eating in the bar when non-formal meals were available. I noted last Thursday that most, if not everyone taking the dinghy supper, chose to eat downstairs. We also avoided putting tables together in order to try and generate a friendly, “pubby” atmosphere. Certainly, as far as I am concerned, the approach seemed to work – people who were not eating were not left high and dry by themselves in the bar and at least two members expressed an intention to eat the following Thursday, as a result. Any comments, please forward to me or any other member of the Planning Group.
Hopefully, you are all reading the press coverage that Carolyn has managed to get into the Gazette over the last few weeks. Carolyn has had summit meetings with both the Editor and Sports Editor who have both expressed interest in giving us a considerable amount of publicity. The editor feels that there has been a lack of focus by the paper on sailing which he recognises is an important part of Lakeland life. Consequently, he is happy for us to provide:

  • A weekly club report with a photo
  • A slightly longer article if there is anything particularly newsworthy eg Open Meetings
  • A 350-400 word article for the Nostalgia Column, with 1 or 2 photos or even a series of articles about the history of the club.
  • A one-off article of about 600 words for the Podium Column – this should be styled as someone’s opinion on a topic – for example, the Commodore giving his opinion on the benefits of sailing for youngsters – a photo of the author to accompany.
  • A 4 page feature on the RWYC for the Living Magazine – We would work with a freelance journalist with this one. The Editor would like to earmark this for the autumn issue which hits the shelves in September – deadline will be August 31
  • “Society Snapshots” taken at our formal functions – to be published in the Living Magazine
  • Diary – we can submit any forthcoming ideas for the diary column – eg dates of training programmes, major races, inter-club events etc etc
    An opinion article for the Living Magazine – again about 40 words with a photo of the author.Carolyn intends to make contact with the Yachting Press now that we have established a good dialogue and regular coverage with the local paper.

Please note:

All help with photos and articles would be greatly appreciated – send to: [email protected]

Any other comments for Planning Group to: Steve Dodwell, Paul Langley, Claire or Julian Maclaine or Nigel Tullett.

Boat Park

Please be aware that the boat park is currently at full capacity: we are currently trying to re allocate space so that we can accommodate a few, new sailing members who hope to get out on the water and race this season. If you have any queries please speak to Ian Bertram or Richard Broughton prior to purchasing any more craft. Could members please remove any trailers from club premises; where somebody leaves a trailer a new member could be accommodated.
The car park is also under some pressure so if you need to block someone in with your vehicle please make Zoe aware and leave your keys behind the bar.
We are hoping to run a tractor drivers refresher course and update the published list of qualified drivers; could anyone interested please contact Richard via [email protected]
We thank you in advance for your assistance with the issues both in the boat and the car park.


A reminder from Zoe that payment for the upcoming Summer Ball must be made by Thursday June the 21st.