Hello from Sailing Sec Richard Rigg and Duty Roster

As this is my first email to you all as Hon Sailing Secretary, I just thought I would say that I am looking forward to the role and seeing you all on the water this season.
As in any club there is huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get you all on the water and your boat parked in the correct place. Well done everyone who has given up their time so far.
The sailing programme will be confirmed shortly. We have a race officer allocated for all starts, but there is one thing that is required from the members! That is for you to give a little bit of your time back to your club and put your name on the duty roster. Once you have done this, this enables us to have enough escorts boats on the water so we can go sailing.
I cannot stress enough that if we do not have any escort cover, there will be NO SAILING that day, therefore can I please ask you to click on the following link https://rwyc.online/login and put your names forward.
Anyone sailing on Thursday night, see you then. It’s going to be a tropical 10c with winds in the NE around 10mph.

Best regards

Richard Rigg
Hon Sailing Secretary