GP14 Fleet 2018 Prize list & Analysis of results

Pointer Trophy   (Seasons Average)      BOO                John Pawson
19ft  Cup               (Seasons Points)        
Watchful Trophy (Thursday Points)        
Pintail Trophy             (May Series)                       
1ll Bell Cup                 (July Series)        
Dinah Tankard         (August Series)        
Centenary Cup                            
Blue Chip Trophy                         
Frobisher Cup                            
Commodore’s Prize                        
Merlin Trophy                            
Caprice Salver                           
R N C Bentley’s Cup (June Series)      GP 13284Julian & Claire MacLaine  
Marathon Cup                             
Snook Trophy                             
Fraser Cup                               
W B Smith’s Trophy(Sunday Points)      DREAM CATCHER      Judith Gore & Simon McVey
Briery Trophy          (April Series)        
Young Cup      (September Series)        
Hynes Trophy                              
Vice Commodore’s Prize                   
Capella Cup                            THE BELOVED        Kevin Boles & Lisa Knaggs 
Elizabeth Ewart Cup                      
Cary Cup                                 
Rear Commodore’s Prize                 SHORT & SWEET      Richard Thompson          
Applethwaite Cup                         
Gordon Wordsworth Challenge Cup        CRACKERJACK        Amanda and Mike Wilson    
Belle Isle Race                          
Saluki Trophy                            

Analysis of Results



BOO                 John Pawson                   198381.371370862
GP13284Julian & Claire MacLaine      186971.882049367
DREAM CATCHER       Judith Gore & Simon McVey     165969.412732822
THE BELOVED         Kevin Boles & Lisa Knaggs     133148.44238  37
CRACKERJACK         Amanda and Mike Wilson        1045 72.5*342151
SHORT & SWEET       Richard Thompson              942 72.4*   42321
SUPERSONIC          Nigel Hutchinson              627 64.2*   27111
SMARTIES            Keith Owen & Kathryn Moss     613 31.7*49    2
BRIAN               RWYC                          113 100.*   131    
SWIFT               Robin & Moira Rose            18 61.5*   8      
AQUACADABRA         Evie & Ian Smith              15 38.4*   5      
LAYLA               Rick Bilby                    13 23.0*   3      
25 races sailed.         
Average Starters 4.04         
* Not qualified