Subscriptions and Boat charges for 2021 including credits/rebates

The 2021 membership renewal invoices have gone out. If for any reason, you have not received yours, please contact us at [email protected]

For the rates of Subscription and boat berthing fees for 2021 click here

Subscriptions 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for our Club, both operationally and financially, with part closures and restrictions at various times. The officers  and others have worked tirelessly to provide as near normal service as possible whilst conforming to government restrictions.

The unforeseen impact of the COVID epidemic has affected us all in many ways, which includes restrictions on our enjoymant of our club. Although money cannot replace happy days spent at the club, the Management Committee has decided to offer a bar credit to members. Eligibility is as follows:-

– Applies only to Adult memberships invoiced prior to March 1st 2020

– Single Ordinary memberships – £30

– Family memberships – £45

These discounts will be applied as a credit to club membership cards which may then be spent at the bar.

If you wish to take up this offer, please email the [email protected] before 31st January 2021

During February, new membership cards will be prepared, containing the appropriate credit. A date hopefully in early March will be announced from when you will be able to exchange your existing card for the new one at the bar

Unclaimed credits will be used towards replacement of one or two of the older junior training boats which are nearing the end of their useful life.

Boat Berthing 2021

For those members who did not bring their boat to the club at all in 2020, a 100% credit will be applied to the 2021 invoice.  This means you need to do nothing.

For those members who did bring a boat to the club and occupy a space in the boatpark or on a jetty, discounts will apply for the coming season.  Discounts are subject to the following criteria:

  • Boats invoiced prior to March 31st 2020, for the summer period
  • Any discounts will only apply to those members’ boats charged at the full adult rate
  • Fees charged in relation to boats at the club during 2020 (jetties & boatpark) in excess of £250 will attract a discount on 2021 fees of £50; fees below £250 will attract a discount of £40

Under normal circumstances boats/members with summer only space are obliged to remove boats by 31st October.  This season, the Autumn Series saw a number of boats taking part and hence occupying a space into the winter period.  Boats falling into this category will not incur any charges and the discount will still supply.  Any boats which have remained at the club beyond 31st October but not taking part in the Autumn Series will not attract the discount.

NB  With effect from January 2021 spaces in the boat park will be allocated on a twelve month basis only.  The summer only option is discontinued.  Those members who had previously paid for twelve months will therefore see a reduction in cost with those previously opting for summer only seeing a modest increase of 5%.

The refunds and discounts applicable have been calculated using the information the club holds on members.