Boat Registration 2022

Dear Members

I hope that you are all looking forward to the start of the season and getting your boats back on the water.

At the time of writing this email we are going through all the admin to try and get the boat park, program and duty roster finished for you.

As you are all aware I asked you to fill in a form last season so that we knew who owned which boat, boat name and boat number. Its that time again where we need to get the database up to date. Therefore can I ask you all to click on the following link and enter the information for each boat you would to keep at the club regardless of whether it is sailing boat, cruiser or tender etc.,  LINK this can also be found under “Racing” on the website.

Many of you will ask why do we have to do this again as noting has changed, yes nothing has changed for you but for the back office team things change all the time. Without our this information we are unable to see what space is available on the boat park, dory trots and jetty spaces.

I need these forms filling in and returning to the Yacht club by Saturday 26th February. I must state now that, if this is not done by then your names will not be in the program and there is a possibility you will loose your boat park, jetty or tender space.

I am sorry to sound sharp in the email but if we don’t all fill the information in it will cause problems. 

Best regards
Hon Sailing Sec