Boat Park and Jetties Policies

Boat Park and Jetty Policies


  1. Boat park periods are as follows:-
    • Sailing season 1st April until 31st October
    • 12 months 1st April until 31st March
    • Winter storage 1st November until 31st March
  2. If it is the first year you wish to bring your boat it must be authorised by the Treasurer/Operations Secretary before it is brought to the club.
  3. Boats and trailers cannot be left in the car park. This means anywhere nearer the road than the tractor shed.
  4. Cars must not be parked in the boat park area or block launch access.
  5. Space allocation on boat park and usage of jetties is shown on the noticeboard adjacent to the office.
  6. The club has two moorings just off the end of the jetties. They can only be used overnight by open decked boats to comply with local bylaws.


Boat Park

  1. The priority of space allocation is as follows
    • Fleet racing craft
    • Other sailing craft on a year by year basis
    • Other boats on a year by year basis
  2. The maximum combined boat and trailer length is 21.3ft (6.5M) eg F15 plus trailer, this is to ensure the launch corridors are not restricted. Exceptions may be permitted at the discretion of Operations on a year by year basis provided a suitable location is available.
  3. Ribs will be allocated either:
    • jetty space
    • a space in a rack
    • beach space
    • or as in Boat Park 1 c.


  1. Dories trot’s boats must not exceed 4M in length
  2. Space for ribs over 4M in length is very restricted and limited to the shore area near Retriever.
  3. Visitors must only use the designated jetty as shown on the diagram in the club.
  4. Members/Visitors can leave a boat on the designated jetty for a maximum of 48hrs Monday 00:00 till Thursday 23:59 and for a maximum of 24hrs Friday 00:00 till Sunday 23:59. With the following exceptions:
    • by permission of Operations Secretary.
    • a 17ft yacht when first launched in the season for taking up.
    • informing a club officer of a problem that delays removal of the craft within the specified time limits.
  5. The dinghy launch area must be kept clear at all times, any craft temporarily moored MUST NOT be left unattended.
  6. Cruiser berths are for any boat up to 25 feet in length and the fee includes winter storage see above General 1 c).
  7. The two cruiser berths next to the shore are currently too shallow for use by cruisers. These berths are allocated at the discretion of Operations.