Boat Park and Jetty Policies

Yacht and Boat Moorings at Royal Windermere Yacht Club

If you wish to locate your cruiser, Keelboat, Motorboat, Dinghy, Flying 15, Canoe, Paddleboard or Windsurfer, you are welcome, subject to suitable space being available, upon acceptance of becoming a member of the club, to do so.  Fees apply and are calculated on an annual basis by the Hon Treasurer who make recommendations to the Management Committee.  Please note that all these craft attract a charge (Eg a windsurf or paddleboard does have a cost, regardless of whether or not it is kept ‘on top/underneath’ of your existing allocated space.) We may be able to accommodate other boats but length may be an inhibiting factor; if you would like further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact the Hon Operations Secretary. The LDNP/SLDC also offer moorings at a commercial rate and they can be contacted via their respective websites.  We do have limited closed season/winter storage available at competitive rates. 

Our boatpark, jetties and moorings are ultimately managed by the Management Committee but the day-to-day operations are overseen by the Hon Operations Secretary. The Fleet Captains are consulted towards the end of each sailing season and their views and recommendations are taken into account for the coming season. The only person mandated to make any executive decisions is the Honorary Operations Secretary. 

Should you wish to keep your vessel at the club and there is a suitable space available, you become an ‘allocated berth or boatpark space holder.’ This means that you have the opportunity to locate your vessel at the club.  Under no circumstances is it acceptable to ‘sell on’ or sub-let your allocated berth or space; please note however, the club may, at its discretion offer temporary or part-season allocations as it sees fit.  This process may involve ‘selling’ a previously allocated space should one become available part way through the season.  All these processes need to be managed and overseen by the Hon Operations Secretary as he is also responsible (in conjunction with the Hon Sailing Secretary and Race Officer) for the location of all club boats.  The Hon Operations Secretary also liaises with the Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary to maximise use of available space and income for the benefit of the club and its members. Boats are tagged and given an allocated space.  Periodic checks are made to reconcile the physical presence of boats, the jetty, moorings and boat park plan and our central records held in Sailing club Manager.

Members allocated berths are asked to stick to them and avoid making use of berths/spaces which appear to be vacant.  The club reserves the right to move boats as and when operational need arises; when this becomes necessary boats will be moved by a suitably skilled and experienced officer or their nominated volunteer. 

By accepting a mooring/berth you are required to be familiar with this policy and automatically consent to the content and requirements therein.


Mooring Allocations

A moorings allocation policy is required to provide for the good and safe management of RWYC berths/moorings. 

Space is finite and each berth is allocated a set length (in metres) for mooring

A jetty plan is provided and this shows the layout of the jetties and each berth by number.

The Management Committee is keen to encourage and promote all forms of sailing and racing (including cruisers) and seeks to make access and egress from the lakeside as easy as possible.  It is recognised that some berths are seen as preferable to others (in terms of water below the keel and ease of access)

The management committee expects each berth/mooring holder to be sufficiently competent in terms of seamanship/sailing ability to be able to use any berth/mooring; spaces are not allocated by ability

In general terms members will be allocated a berth/mooring as notified by the Hon Sailing Secretary for the coming season in late August/early September (noting that the membership year runs from January to January.) Decisions will be based on the criteria set out in this policy and will be arranged so as to maximise space (and income) in a safe manner.  The Hon Operations secretary will liaise with anyone he wishes to consult with in making his decision.  There is no appeal process.

In general terms berths/moorings allocated on the cruiser jetties will continue to be the same from season to season, there is no provision for rotating berths; should a space become available which an authorised berth holder would like to move to they can request that be considered by e mailing the Hon Operations Secretary. Please note that whilst this request will be considered the request for a change may not be agreed to.

Cruiser berths are at a premium and are heavily sought after.  The arrangements set out in this policy provide general reassurance and expectation that once allocated a mooring/berth on the cruiser jetty an authorised berth holder will retain it for as long as they are a member and wish to maintain their allocated space.  It is recognised that this may appear to discriminate in favour of longstanding members and this is accepted by all.

No vehicles are allowed into the boatpark other than for the launching and recovery of boats.  This means that typically any vehicle will only enter the boatpark for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Berthing Objectives

The Management Committee delegates absolutely all decisions regarding to the allocation of berths/mooring and boat park space to the Hon Ops Secretary and anyone volunteering for him. Consequently the Hon Ops Secretary will:

  • Maximise the number of spaces available both on and off the water so as to maximise income
  • Allocate/confirm all spaces on an annual basis
  • Decide where club boats and tractor will be stationed
  • Make special arrangements for 17’ yachts needing to ‘take up’
  • Inform Fleet Captains what is required of them
  • Decide on any temporary (in season) moorings/berths especially when one becomes available on a short term basis
  • Not be required to explain any decisions made to any members, nor be accountable to them
  • Maintain waiting lists
  • Meet new members seeking berths/moorings to discuss their requirements and confirm all allocations are made on a twelve month basis and may be subject to revision
  • Allocate berths and review any new allocations no later than one month after allocation (this provides a probationary period) and have the right to withdraw any offers if any health, safety, competence issues arise
  • Take any remedial actions needed to keep RWYC safe and attractive – including taking action should any boat be left in an unkempt or unsafe condition
  • Consider removal of any boats outwith this policy


General Conditions 1

  • Fees are reviewed and set every year
  • Failure to pay by the due date places the allocated berth/mooring/ allocation at risk of suspension
  • The Hon Sec will require all allocated berth/mooring/space holders to have and provide proof of adequate insurance. This insurance will include suitable third party liability cover
  • Owners of all boats will ensure that any third party contractor working on their boat will have their own third party liability insurance and indemnifies the club as a result of them being on the premises
  • No owner nor crew shall cause annoyance or nuisance by the use of noisy equipment, radios, engines or other machinery. The use of engines/motors will be kept to a minimum so as to keep pollution levels as low as possible
  • The Management Committee reserve the right to board, move, moor or re berth any boat or vehicle for safety, security and good management of available space; this may include, under exceptional circumstances, using reasonable force
  • Allocated berth holders are permitted to overnight on their boat but not live aboard it; neither are they permitted to rent out/air bnb their boat for business or accommodation to third parties
  • No commercial operations/purposes are allowed from the club without specific permission
  • All boats must have a name or number or RWYC tag (and LDNP number when appropriate)
  • Allocated berth holders must accept any advice/instruction from any club officer (or their nominated volunteer) in regard of safe mooring arrangements
  • It is expected that boats will be sailed and not kept unused for prolonged periods of time
  • Owners and their crews must conduct themselves in a fit and appropriate manner at all times and must not bring the club into disrepute
  • Allocated berth/mooring holders anticipating selling/changing boats will discuss arrangements with the Hon Operations Secretary


General Conditions 2

Boat park periods are as follows:

  • Sailing season: 1st April – 31st October
  • 12 months: 1st April – 31st March
  • Winter Storage: 1st November – 31st March


If you wish to bring your boat to the club you must contact the Hon Operations Secretary in the first instance who will be happy to consider your request.  Please resist discussing this with anyone else as this can create confusion.  The Hon Ops Secretary will liaise with fleet captains, employees and volunteers he deems necessary before providing you with a response. It is not acceptable just to arrive at the club (by water or land) and expect to be provided with space, this also applies in the case of short – term holiday requests.

  1. Boats and trailers must not be left in the car park (this means not beyond the tractor shed)
  2. Cars must not be left anywhere in the boat park area or launch area
  3. Space allocations are displayed on the noticeboard adjacent to the office
  4. The club has two moorings just off the end of the jetties; they can only be used overnight by open-decked boats to comply with local bylaws.


Boat Park

The priority of space is as follows:

  • fleet racing craft
  • other sailing craft on a year by year basis
  • other boats on a year by year basis
  • The absolute maximum combined boat and trailer length is 21.3ft (6.5m) Eg F15 + trailer, this is to ensure the launch corridors are not restricted. Exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the Hon Operations Secretary on a year by year basis should suitable space and location be available
  • RIBs will be allocated either:
  • jetty space
  • a space in a rack
  • beach space
  • boat park space



  • Dory trots cannot accommodate any boat exceeding 4m in length
  • Space for RIBs in excess of 4m is very limited and restricted
  • Visitors must only use the designated jetty as displayed
  • Members/visitors can leave a boat on the designated jetty for a maximum of 48 hours (Monday 00.00 – Thursday 23.59) and for a maximum of 24 hour (Friday 00.00 – Sunday 23.59) with the following restrictions:
  • by permission of the Hon Operations Secretary (or his nominated representative)
  • a 17ft yacht when first launched for the season for the purpose of ‘taking up’
  • a problem that delays removal of the craft (noting that the Hon Operations Secretary must be advised of the nature of the problem) outside the specified time limits
  • The dinghy launch area must be kept clear at all times, launching trollies must not be left in the water; any craft temporarily moored must not be left unattended
  • Cruiser berths are for any boat up to a maximum of 25 feet in length and the fee is inclusive of winter storage

The two cruiser berths nearest the shore can be too shallow at times to accommodate cruisers, their use is allocated at the discretion of the Hon Operations Secretary.