All boat park users 2020

To all boat park users

If you have paid for your boat for the summer season only then you are reminded that the boat should be removed from the club by 31st October. This is to create the necessary space for the arrival of our winter storage customers. Your co-operation would be much appreciated.

Boat Park Compensation 2020

The following only applies to those who have paid the full adult rate for the whole of the summer season, 1st April to 31st October.

  1. If your boat was never brought to the club a100% credit of this year’s fee will be applied to your invoice for 2021
  2. For those who did bring their boat it is anticipated that a flat fee credit, to cover April and part of May when you were unable to use the club, will be applied to your invoice for 2021. Full details will be available shortly
  3. Any summer only customer whose boat remains on the boat park after the 2nd November will forfeit their compensation.

Hon. Treasurer

Paul Langley