Adult Squad starting Sunday 19th July

Hello again,.. unpicking those locks!,..
Thank you all for your patience,.. Adult Squad is to hit the water on Sunday morning 19th July,… the 2 Bahias have been rigged, (thanks to JR and Robert and Harry).. I shall be finding out about the sails etc, tomorrow,…
We should have 2 Bahias plus any Picos as required plus any owner sailed boats,… I have one escort boat and shall be making enquires about volunteers to man a second,…
What I would like to do is offer 2 groups,..
1 to go over basics,… and re-aquaintance with the boats, and introduce any new people
2 to move to racing, starts, boat handling, wind shifts rules etc., ..
It all depends on numbers and demand,…In which case,… who is going to be there??… answers please!, of the moment the forecast looks good,.. but we know how that can change ….
however before all that,.. please read and digest all the RWYC emails and website,.. acquaint yourselves with ALL the protocols and arrangements,.. no changing rooms (yes there is wc available),.. one way systems etc,.. the Club is letting people make their own decisions re sailing 2 to a boat but if you don’t want to do that then there are the Picos,.. and I know how much you like those,… I shall be finding out about the RIBS tomorrow and will report further ….
Message for Ian Smith,… Ian ,.. have we new members who should be added to my random list??….
Message for Tony Rothwell,.. Tony, opportunities for Rib drivers to gain experiance and help out,.. please ask your fleetless fleet!,..
waiting to hear from one and all!!
Happy Coronagate
Nigel H