70 years of GP14 sailing at Royal Windermere Yacht Club

Spirit at speed © Nick Heather
Robert Richardson sailing Spirit © Richard Rigg

2022 marks seventy years of competitive fleet racing of the gp14 on Windermere. A group of new young members decided that GP14 would be suitable for Windermere in late 1951.

For the new season in 1952 there was 12 new boats in the boat park and racing from the club. The boats were bought in two batches of numbers being 27-29 and 31 first and 122 – 130 in second batch. 128 was still in the boat park in 2021, still owned by same family! One member, the very keen Cubby Acland won the first national championships in 1952 and was runner up in 1953. He hoped to win in 1954 when the club held the championships but unfortunately was not successful!

The club was one of the first three clubs racing gp14 and helped form the gp14 class association Cubby being President from 1959 to 62 when the larger genoa foresail and spinnaker was introduced.

With Such great enthusiasm for the boat Cubby introduced the GP14 to Bassenthwaite sailing club and the west Cumberland club adopted the class as there only class.

The club has never missed a 24hour race although never won it yet! with all the finishing plagues up on display in the club house.

For 2022 we will be holding a gp14 northern bell open meeting, and will be sending three boats crewed by two youth sailors, two past commodores, the rear commodore and class captain to sail in the world championships in Ireland as a way to celebrate.

John Richardson.

Rear Commodore Royal Windermere Yacht Club

Nigel Hutchinson sailing Supersonic © Richard Rigg