17ft Fleet 2018 Prize list & Analysis of results

Averages Cup                           CHAMELEON          Nigel Tullett & Nigel Lauder
2nd Points Trophy                        
Forwood Trophy                           
Burchardt Cup                            
Susan Crossley Trophy                    
Calgarth Trophy                          
Mirage Cup                               
Commodores Prize                         
Fraser Trophy                            
Centenary Cup                            
Liberty Trophy (Crew)                   Gavin Tullett
2nd Average Cup                        FATHOM             Graham Murray Paul Haslam & Ted Fort
C J E Hall Tray                          
Wood Cup                                 
Caprice Salver                           
Rear Commodore’s Prize                   
Vice Commodore’s Prize                   
Nomad Cup                                
Peter Glaister Memorial Trophy         LIBERTY            Colin Bentley             
Centenary Trophy                         
Lapwing Trophy                           
Kenneth Crossley Cup                     
Points Cup                               
A R Sladen Cup                           
Liberty Centenary Cup                    
Kemp Cup                                 
Trapp Cup                                
Chip Cup                                 
Glithero Trophy            (Classic Average)ATHOLL             Roy Gambie & Nick Aubrey
Capella Vintage Trophy  ( Classic Points)    
Charles Crossley Cup                       
Classic Centenary Trophy                 
Belsfield Cup                            
Whitehead Cup                            
Lapwing Vintage Cup                      
Westmorland Trophy                       
Croft Cup                                
V H Wrigley Trophy                       
Reade Cup                                
Windermere Soling Salver                 
Chameleon Trophy                         
Snark Pin                                
Wind’ard Cup                             
Firefly Salver                           
Gusto Trophy (Crew)                                       Roy Gambie
Storey Cup                             FALCON II          Tony Rothwell & Paul Monaghan
J M Sladen Trophy                        
Hartnett Bell        (Classic 2nd Average)    CAPELLA            Richard Thompson
Gossip Cup                               
Deva Trophy            (Classic 2nd Points)       WHISPER            Gay Crossley & Jim Schwerdt
Tarakee Cup                              
Windrush Challenge Cup                   
Atholl Trophy                            
Freedom Trophy                           
Percival Crossley Cup                  NAIAD              Richard & Zoe Broughton   
Scott Wordsworth Cup                     
C B Hall Cup                             
Iris Trophy                              
G Waddington Memento                   PILGRIM            David Milburn             
Lockwood Cup                             
Panther Trophy                         LAPWING            John Pawson               
David McCann Trophy                    SNARK II           Les Gorton                
Lydall Cup                             MISTRAL            Derek Long & Robert Slack 
Merrymaid Trophy                       PHANTOM            Keith Barrow & Steve Burrows
Barkhill Trophy                        NEPENTHE           Miles Logie & Jim Hoyle   

Analysis of Results



CHAMELEON           Nigel Tullett & Nigel Lauder  2021597.73172  
FATHOM              Graham Murray Paul Haslam & Ted Fort    1718093.26781
LIBERTY             Colin Bentley                 3022977.367610
ATHOLL              Roy Gambie & Nick Aubrey      2819970.07  38
FALCON II           Tony Rothwell & Paul Monaghan 2720069.69283
CAPELLA             Richard Thompson1611464.77  12
WHISPER             Gay Crossley & Jim Schwerdt   2716457.34  32
NAIAD               Richard & Zoe Broughton       2512747.921  1
PILGRIM             David Milburn                 2713047.1  15
SNARK II            Les Gorton                    177135.68      
DEVA                Ian Frith & Ann Frith         175734.34  2  
MISTRAL             Derek Long & Robert Slack     226630.56    1
PHANTOM             Keith Barrow & Steve Burrows  215423.68      
NEPENTHE            Miles Logie & Jim Hoyle       194021.28      
LAPWING             John Pawson                   114939.8*     
FREEDOM II          Simon & Edward Grey           42752.9*    1
TERRIER             Mark Stewartson               4816.3*      
OTTER               Derek & Celia Wood            3310.7*      
34 races sailed.       
Average Starters 9.853       


ATHOLL              Roy Gambie & Nick Aubrey      2812387.231666
CAPELLA             Richard Thompson167277.41455
WHISPER             Gay Crossley & Jim Schwerdt   2710170.62795
NAIAD               Richard & Zoe Broughton       257456.92346
DEVA                Ian Frith & Ann Frith         173945.88321
SNARK II            Les Gorton                    173738.94  11
NEPENTHE            Miles Logie & Jim Hoyle       193132.29124
LAPWING             John Pawson                   113250.7*  32
OTTER               Derek & Celia Wood            3320.0*  1  
34 races sailed.       
Average Starters 9.853