Scoring the Rest of the Season

The Owners Meeting is almost upon us, and I have been looking at the way the scoring has been working out this year, and how we might continue it. So far I have scored the season according to the Sailing Instructions and the published fixtures list.

As of today 18th September, we have five more counting races scheduled. Then the Autumn Bowl series (non-counting) starts on the 4th October. This is scheduled to finish on 25th October, the original end of season. We are proposing to add another 18 races over the next nine Sundays.

So far we have sailed 25 counting races, with a potential to add five more. Normally we sail about 60 in a season. If you feel 30 is not enough, we could make the Autumn Bowl counting as well, making potentially 38 counting races. I suggest we make the Averages qualifying number 50% of the races sailed.

We have lots of trophies not sailed this season, so we could allocate one to the Late Autumn Catch Up Series. We could also allocate some to individual races or Sundays in the Autumn Bowl series, or even in the Late Autumn Series as well.

So – to summarize, do we….

  1. Extend the counting season to 25th October and make the qualifying number 50%.
  2. Allocate individual trophies to individual races or Sundays.
  3. Allocate a trophy to the Late Autumn Series.
  4. Allocate individual trophies to Late Autumn races as well.

I intend to raise this at the Owners Meeting in Any Other Business, and I hope there will be some answers!

John A.