March news from Dave Heron

I know that we have just been battered by Storm Freya, but its officially spring, meteorologically, and the weather of the past week has hopefully whetted peoples appetites to get boats ready for the up and coming season.

We have 2 events planned for the end of March.

Saturday 30th March, a rules presentation by Nick Heather commencing at 1330 in the club. I would encourage  people to attend this if you are considering racing this year, it should provoke some interesting discussion on the finer points, which I’m sure will be helpful to many. All are welcome to attend.

Sunday 31 March …there will be a crewing forum hosted by Phil Evans and Riggy , two of the most experienced, successful and well travelled crews in the club. The exact syllabus is yet to be formulated, but I think we will be covering the crews’ role in general and topics such as spinnaker handling which would also be of interest to GP14 sailors. So the event is not F15 centric, we’d like as many as possible to attend.  There would also be an opportunity for F15 sailors to have the set up of their boats checked as well. If the weather is kind, I’m hoping to get out on the water to kick the season off and would hope others can as well. We hope to start  at around 11am.

Please come along if you can.

The sailing season officially starts on Thursday 4th April. As the F15 class have our own start at 1840,  I’m really keen to get a group of people together who want to sail on Thursdays. We could potentially swap crews/helms around which might help in improving the general level  of experience and competitiveness within the fleet. If you are interested, please let me know.

We have a WhatsApp group which no doubt will be firing up shortly. If anyone wants adding please let me know.

So lets look forward to a hopefully  successful sailing season

Dave Heron