Looking Forward!

Dear Flying 15ers,

I hope this email finds you all well, and enthusiastically looking for the first signs of spring, days getting longer, lambs in the fields, which heralds the start of the sailing season, although it may be a while yet!

Peter Gooch, the outgoing sailing secretary has been working hard on the calendar for 2019, and I believe Barty – incoming sailing secretary – has now published this on the club website, and I thought this would be a good moment to point out a few items on the calendar.

Before the season gets started, there is a “Rules Workshop” in the club on Saturday 30th March, with Nick Heather hopefully ironing out some of the wrinkles about starting, and mark roundings etc., which should be useful.  This is open to all club members.

We also have Phil Evans and Riggy booked for 31st of March to come and give us the benefit of their extensive experience regarding Flying 15 set up, and crewing techniques.  It will be a practical session in the dinghy park, and should also be very useful.

As usual, we are hosting a Flying 15 Open is this year on Saturday 13th and 14th April.  We expect some visitors for this event, and it would be good to see as many locals as possible.  I have no moral high ground, as I missed the start of the season last year, I was still varnishing, but if you can make it, it will be great to see you there.

The rest of the calendar is fairly similar to previous seasons, however, the significant “deviations from the norm” on the calendar are also worth pointing out!

Firstly, Bank Holidays.  We have racing scheduled on all four bank holidays;

                                    Easter Monday 22nd April

                                    First May Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

                                    Second May Bank Holiday Monday27th May

                                    August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August

However, we also have starts on two Tuesdays, after the bank holidays.  So;

                                    Tuesday 28th May (start time 13:40), and

                                    Tuesday 27th August (start time 13:40).

These Tuesday bank holiday races have been scheduled in the past, however I for one have not attended.  The sailing committee wanted to delete the Flying 15s from these Tuesday events, however, we decided to include them for 2019, to see if we could get enough boats interested.  I will send reminders via WhatsApp closer to the time, but I personally will be booking these days as holiday from work, with the intent to sail, and hopefully others will join me!

Secondly curve ball early starts.

There are three Saturdays where the Windermere 17s have decided to start an hour earlier, to have two races each day, and the 15s also start an hour earlier.  They caught me out last year, so I felt it worthwhile highlighting now.  The dates in question are;

                                    Saturday 8th June (start time 13:40)

                                    Saturday 13th July (start time 13:40), and

                                    Saturday 10th August (start time 13:40)

Scheduled to have two races each day!

Finally – Thursday evening racing.

It is the intention of the Race Committee to give Flying 15s our own start on a Thursday evening – throughout the season, from Thursday 4th April, to Thursday 26th September, but this requires three starters!  I know it is difficult / impossible for those farther afield to manage regular Thursday evening racing, however I would hope to see as many of the locals as possible there!

I have to leave work in Barrow-in-Furness by 16:15 to be there in time, but it makes such a difference to my quality of life getting out on the lake on a midweek evening, it is very definitely worthwhile.  So please come and join in if you can, and hopefully this will become a more permanent fixture!

By my calculations, that gives us 85 days sailing in the coming season!  Should be fantastic!

Look forward to seeing you all on the water in April.