News from the Cruiser Fleet – RNLI Regatta and Interclub 9 September 2023

Here are some photos from the RNLI Regatta / Interclub on 9 September 2023.

The RNLI Regatta had to be moved to 9 September 2023 as a result of poor weather on it’s original date in June.  This caused a clash with the Cruiser Interclub day 3, so the decision was made to ‘combine’ the events in the interest of maximising the benefit to the RNLI.

Hence all the cruisers who entered the Interclub day 3 either paid the entry fee for the RNLI Regatta or made an equivalent donation, but they sailed a different course and hence the results are separate.

We had an excellent afternoon of racing.  There was very little wind at the scheduled start time, but it filled in a little soon afterwards, and the 9 Cruisers who competed managed two very enjoyable races.

The Cruiser results on the day: 1st Owasippe; 2nd Seventh Heaven; 3rd SC1