March news from Nick and Penny Aubrey

The Season is fast approaching, what wonderful weather we had during the last week in February.  If only we can have the same weather with more breeze this Season. Our first race is on the 27th April.  Do remember, the Easter weekend is the 21st and 22nd and the Flying Fifteen Open is on the 13th and 14th April.  We will need to get our boats in the water and clear of the jetties before either weekend.  

 On Saturday, 30th March, I propose to have a Seventeen Foot Owners Meeting at 10.30 am, to resolve some of the issues that were not satisfactorily concluded at our last Owners’ Meeting.  In the afternoon the Flying Fifteens’ have organised a Rules Seminar and we are all welcome to attend. It would be good if we have a strong attendance, in particular, the Rules Around Starting, need to be clearly understood!  there is a Rules Afternoon. It would be good if as many Seventeen Foot Crews as possible, are there. I am sure, we all need our understanding, of the Rules improving.

 Those who have made contact with me over the Winter, wishing or wanting, to helm or crew a Seventeen Foot, are welcome to join us in the afternoon.  I shall be in contact with you during the next few weeks.

 The Seventeen Foot Boat “Waterwitch” has now been restored and can be seen at Windermere Museum of Boats.  She will be racing this season.

 Here are some important 2019 dates for you to put in your diaries:

 Saturday, 27th April, our first race

Friday, 10th May, Seventeen Foot Class Dinner.  

Invites will be coming out early to mid April.  This is always a well-attended occasion.

 Monday, 27th to Wednesday, 29th May, Race Week

Monday, 22nd to Wednesday, 24th July, 2nd Race Week

Monday, 26th to Wednesday, 28th August, 3rd Race Week

 Best wishes to you all,    

 Nick and Penny Aubrey