Jargon Busters

In this section we explain various arcane matters pertaining to the Club:

1. Junior Races

With the Junior Races, all junior sailors are given an opportunity to race in other fleets. Races are organised for juniors in Lasers, GP14s, RS400s, Flying Fifteens and 17footers. The boats are loaned and – except for the Lasers – usually crewed by the Owners. The races are usually held on Sunday mornings, with the exception of the Junior 17ft race, which is held on a Friday afternoon (see the separate item on the ‘Commodore’s Tea Party’).

The difficult part is to organise a boat for yourself. This can usually be arranged by polite enquiry – by the Junior or her or his parent – of the owner of a suitable boat. Competition for use of the top boats in any fleet can be a problem and often arrangements are made by those in the know early in the season. If you cannot make an arrangement by this method, then speak to the Class Captains nearer the time. Sometimes a list will be put up asking you to sign-up if you would like to take part and need a boat. Don’t think that you may be too young or too small, help will be at hand.


  • Read the programme
  • Read the notices on the Boards
  • Ask those who seem to know

2. Commodore’s Tea Party (See also Junior Races)

The Commodore’s Tea party is held on a Friday afternoon in late August, immediately following the 17ft Junior Race. It is a proper, formal, afternoon tea, provided free by the Commodore, for all juniors who have taken part in the Junior Races, their parents and families and for all helpers of the races such as boat owners, starters, those on escort duty etc., etc.

The Commodore also invites all the Past Commodores and their wives. It is a most splendid affair of blazers, club ties, summer frocks and cucumber The sandwiches. Youngsters whom one has seen all year dressed only in sailing gear or t-shirts and shorts appear from the changing rooms in dresses and smart trousers, shirts and ties (as appropriate) and parents who have only just got off the water from ribs and dories are also transformed in the changing rooms.

The tea includes a prize-giving for the Junior Races. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each race as well as a trophy for the overall winner. The overall winner gives a short speech, usually thanking the Commodore for tea, and the boat owners for the loan of boats. This is a splendid occasion.

As well as being in the Programme, a notice is usually pinned up in the club advertising the event, as well as inviting all and sundry.