Race Officer And Safety Boat duties information

Instructions for Committee and Safety boat are available on the links below, read before your duty commences and clarify any queries you may have before going on the water:

RWYC Race Officials’ Code of Conduct

RWYC race officials (committee boat crew, safety boat crew) are among the most exposed officials of the club. It is therefore essential that they behave with the highest degree of competence, propriety and integrity. At no time can or should a race official do anything to bring RWYC or the sport into disrepute. 

Specifically, RWYC race officials are expected:

  1. To maintain a good level of understanding and application of
    1. The Racing Racing Rules of Sailing
    2. Additional rules relevant to their discipline and boat class
    3. Local bye laws of Windermere
    4. RWYC procedures and policies.
  2. Ensure that decisions are based upon the rules and principles of fairness and objectivity and are made with care without prejudice.
  3. Uphold the confidentiality of race official deliberations during and after the regatta.
  4. Be polite, open-minded and patient with colleagues, competitors and deal with dissent in a fair and courteous manner.
  5. Declare any conflict of interest before accepting a race official invitation or when one becomes apparent at an event (a conflict of interest exists when an RWYC race official has, or reasonably appears to have, a personal or financial interest which could affect the official’s ability to be impartial).
  6. Be on time and wear appropriate clothing on the water and ashore.
  7. Remain until any relevant issues are resolved.
  8. Abstain from consuming alcohol until duties are over for the day. Race officials must never become inappropriately inebriated during an event. (In the event of an incident you could be breathalised) Race officials should also refrain from smoking indoors or whilst carrying out their duties.

Download Race Officer and Assistant instructions

Download Safety boat instructions