Handicap Sub Committee Minutes 7/3/2018



Handicap Sub Committee Meeting

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Present: Ian Taylor, James Neild, Matt Neild, Julian McLaine, Robert Richardson, Becky Thomas and Ian Bertram.

Minutes from the previous meeting were taken as correct and there were no matters arising from them.

Ian Taylor did a recap on the handicap calculation system being used for 2018 race series, then presented the revisions of the PY numbers that will be used from the 5th April 2018 onwards. At present only those boats listed below have their PY altered from the RYA 2018 PY list, which is available from the RYA website.

The calculation sheet used is available to view on the club website.



                      2018 PY                                 RWYC CN

GP14                1133                                       1130

Laser                1098                                       1099

Phantom            999                                        1002

RS100 8.4         1008                                        993

Each point +/- equals 6 seconds in a 100 minute race, as our races are approximately 50 minutes it will be +/-  3 seconds per point.

There is to be a review after 2 months on Sunday 3rd June after the additional data from this year has been submitted to the RYA.

Reported by Ian Bertram

I have been in contact with Suzie Holland from RYA Technical who are responsible for the PY calculations. Below is the opening comment from her last email,

“Many thanks for your email, and please accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. However, it is great to hear that you received the e-newsletter and the club are planning on using some ‘local PY numbers.”

Meeting closed at 19:10

Next meeting 3rd June 2018