Crew / Helm wanted

There are quite a few boats in the coming 2018 season who are either looking for crew or helm for either racing or social sailing, please let me know if you have any interest so that you can be added to either/both lists. Should you find a regular position and wished to be removed then also please let me know.

Each class of boat is quite unique in style, handling  and performance some more surprising than others, should you be interested in a go in something different please ask the owners as they are all enthusiastic about their own type of boat. The dinghies have a quite diverse selection both double and single handed, some more challenging than others for Windermere.

Listed below are the usual days when each class of boat sails. On a social sailing day or when going out to or back from racing it may also offer the opportunity to try either helm/crew position, swapping helps to learn and appreciate the challenges each position in the boat faces.

17ft Yachts Saturday afternoon usually 1 race, Race Weeks Mon/Tue/Wed and Sat

FF15 Mon/Thur evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon (2 races)

Cruisers Sat/Sun afternoon, some of these are in conjunction with WCA

Dinghy sailing Mon/Thursday evening, Sunday afternoon (2 races)

Please send name and your interests/requirements to [email protected] or talk to me in the club . Only your name will appear under the relevant section, should you wish to contact someone please send a message and your details will be forwarded.

Ian Bertram (Operations Communications & IT)


17ft Yachts

J Pawson Crew wanted

David Milburn 07713 635900 Crew Wanted for No.3 Pilgrim



Nick Heather looking for crew for a SB20 in 2018-19 winter series


J Pawson (GP14) Crew Wanted


17ft Yachts

John Watling Helm wanted

Nick Heather looking to crew or helm



Faye Waddle Helm available