RWYC – Policy on use of Club Boats

RWYC: Policy on use of club boats

The objective of the policy is to allow the use of the club boats, including paddle boards, to promote the sport of sailing and other water sports activities whilst indemnifying the club and its officials/members from any potential claim in respect of an incident or damage to equipment or person. The club has the right to disallow use of boats if for example there are adverse weather conditions.

Club boats may only be used after reading and signing all of the relevant forms. These are available via Zoe.

Hire fees: £15 per boat for 2 hours (approx)

Club boats may be used as follows:

Sailing Boats:

  • Picos/Teras: these may be used as long as they are not required for training purposes.

  • Laser Bahias: these may be used as long as they are not required for training.

  • GP14, this may be used after contacting the training officer via Zoe. If the training officer is not available then another officer will need to be contacted.

Competent adult sailors using the club boats do so at their own risk. Under 17s must have a parental/guardian disclaimer completed. A competent adult must always accompany juniors. Buoyancy aids must be worn.

Boats will need to be signed in and out, any damage must be reported.

Paddle boards:

These must be signed in and out with Zoe, any accidental damage must be reported after used. A few pointers before the paddle boards are used:

  • Make sure Paddle boards are inflated to 18 psi before going afloat.

  • When attaching the fin, turn the board upside down. Do not balance the board on its fin. Take care particularly when launching and returning to shore. Please remove the fin after use and put it back in the storage bag in the training room.

  • If not going out with an accompanying vessel, boards must be used in pairs.

  • Stay within the 6mph boundary (ie no further south than the car ferry and no further north than Windermere Jetty).

  • Behind Belle Isle is a good place to paddle.

  • Paddle boards are not straight forward to get back onto after falling off, have a practice before going out and stay close to the shore.

  • Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times.

  • Wash boards after use