RWYC – Policy on use of Club Boats

  1. The objective of this policy is to allow use of the club boats to promote the sport of sailing whilst indemnifying the club and its officials/members from any potential claim in respect of an incident or damage to equipment or person.
  2. Club boats may only be used when a RWYC controlled session is taking place with Escort Boat cover on the water and Instructor(s) and/or Race Officer(s) and/or shore side official(s) present. This will include RWYC regattas, training sessions, Club racing and any other Club organised and controlled session. Club boats may only be taken to “away” events after written approval from the Sailing Secretary.
  3. Club boats may be used as follows:
    • GP14: for any special events, Club racing or training / practice sessions;
    • Stratos / Wayfarer / Laser Bahias: for Club racing or training / practice sessions;
    • Picos / Terras: for Club racing or training / practice sessions providing these boats are not required for youth and/or junior training sessions.
  4. Competent Adult Sailors using the Club boats do so at their own risk. Adults in training may use Club boats under supervision and at their own risk. Written parental agreement must be provided to RWYC before junior use of Club boats outside youth and /or junior training sessions.
  5. A log book will be available for members, adults and juniors, to sign and date, also entering the time of departure and return, when using Club boats. Details of any possible incidents and/or damage incurred during their use must be noted.

Updated March 2018