Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities,..

Saturday,… be taken for a sail ..( go for your own sail, but you may not be shouted at,.. sail near the Youth Squad)

Sunday,….. go for a sail being shouted at by volunteers,.. perhaps sailing a course,.. perhaps ‘starts’,.. incl Shore Based tuition regarding racing,. the signals, the committee Boat, the hoots etc,..What does it all mean?,. possible opportunities for more spinnaker work

Please let me know if you are going to be there..!!…(Bank holiday is no excuse,.. that is on Monday!)

Volunteering Opportunities,.

Saturday,… take out the Bahia,.. perhaps two up,..

Sunday,.. take out a RIB,. lay a simple start line,.. shout at people

Let me know please, if you can be there,..(Bank holiday is no excuse,.. that is on Monday!)


(subject to weather)

NB I am away weekend 12th 13th May,.. there will still be opportunities,..please message Nigel Rider



Nigel h