RWYC 2024 – 25 Subscriptions and Boat Charges

Membership Subscriptions 1st April – 31st March

Membership Type Price £
Family £520.00
Single Ord. £346.50
Overseas £115.50
Young Adult (18-24) £69.30

Family and Single Ordinary members may register at no additional cost their children/grandchildren under 18 years of age as part of their membership

For new members joining during the year, part year subscriptions will apply. Details are available from the Hon. Secretary

Please send no money in advance. The Club will issue membership invoice(s) for payment

Membership Enquiry Form Online

Boat Charges 1st April – 31st March

TypePrice £
Dory trot >4m OAL528.00
Dory trot <4m320.00
RIB Rack137.00
F15/small yacht34.65/m2

Cruisers and Dory trot’s are from 1st April to 31st October on their jetty berth and from 1st November to 31st March on land.

For boats newly registered after April 1st, part season boat charges will apply. Details from the Hon Treasurer


Juniors’ and Young Adults’ boats:  50% discount (on one boat only  and no additional discounts available)

 A second or subsequent sailing boat for the same adult racing entrant:  20% discount (on lower cost boat(s)).

Please enquire if you would like a berthing fee quotation for your class of boat.

Please send no money in advance. On allocating berthing/boat parking space, the Club will issue boat charges  invoice(s) for payment

Boats may not be berthed overnight on a Club jetty during the winter months without the permission of a Club officer because of the increased level of risk of damage to both the member’s boat and to the Club jetties in winter conditions. Conditions may apply.