RWYC 2018 Subscriptions and Boat Charges

Membership Subscriptions

Membership Type 2018  Gross Subs 2018 Net Subs
Family £467 £420
Single Ord. £311 £280
Overseas £156 £93
Young Adult £62 £56
Family junior Nil Nil
Non Family Junior £31 £28

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Boat Charges

  • There will be no separate racing fee for owners paying boat charges in one of the categories marked ** below
  • °°Boats kept at the Club on a 12 months sailing basis will in 2018 be invoiced from 1st April to 31st December and from January 1st to December 31st in subsequent years
  • From 2018, there will be a single rate for (unracked) tenders on shore and on the beach, competitive with rates charged by other locations
  • From 2018 the charge for sailing dinghies will be computed on actual OAL and beam with lower fee rates per m2 taking account of the higher parking density in rows C, D, E and F
Category Rows Apr to Oct 2018 °°Apr to Dec 2018
**F15, keel boats A, B £27 per m2 £30 per m2
F15, keel boats, additional boat(s) A, B £22 per m2 £25 per m2
**Sailing Dinghies C, D, E & F £24 per m2 £26 per m2
Sailing Dinghies, additional boat(s) C, D, E & F £18 per m2 £22 per m2
**Sailing Dinghies Junior & YA Rate C, D, E & F £12 per m2 £13 per m2
**Alongside Jetty berth, cruisers, large RIBS   £1845 Storage ashore after 1st Nov gratis
**Dory Trot, bow or stern on   £270 £300 incl Nov & Dec on shore
**Tender in boat park or on beach   £250 £280
Tender in rack   £100
Canoe in rack   £50
Racing fee for racing owners who do not have a boat in a category marked ** above   £50

Please enquire if you would like a berthing fee quotation for your class of boat.

Boats may not be berthed overnight on a Club jetty during the winter months without the permission of a Club officer because of the increased level of risk of damage to both the member’s boat and to the Club jetties in winter conditions.